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French Adventure Painting Trip in France
French Adventure Painting Trip in France
French Adventure Painting Trip In Frane Artist
French Adventure Painting Trip in France Artists
French Adventure Painting Trip in France Artist
French Adventure Painting Trip in France Artist
French Adventure Painting Trip in France Artist
French Adventure Painting Trip in France Artist

"Wonderful adventure in France with Kim's trip!   Great painting spots and lots of great food and wine. Visited a diverse number of beautiful places and the group of fellow artists were enthusiastic and adventuresome. Kim is a great host and kept us busy .....but with time to do our own exploring as well. I would highly recommend this trip as you will not be disappointed. Kim knows France and you will visit some real gems that you would not get to see as a typical American tourist. Her help as a teacher in plein air is outstanding and she is a great driver on the French country roads.  Thanks Kim and fellow chouquettes for a fabulous holiday!"


Jen Berlin


My French Painting Adventure with Kim & new friends was 10 times better than I imagined it could be. 

Kim led us through cities, towns, country side villages & coast historic sites. 

Our accommodations were varied and very nice. ..hotel in Paris,  French country house, quaint B&B and an Abbey. 

Food. ..cannot begin to describe how delicious  ( picnics to cafes to Michelen rated & Christine's magic  ). 5 lbs in 10 days.     Me :)   Dr. :(

The itinerary of places Kim chose to visit was perfect. ...very well planned. 

Painting. ...We learned while enjoying the scenery & history  around us.

How can you have so much fun painting between rain drops..... WE  DID. 

Thank you,  Kim 

Pam Hudack

"Ten glorious days in France. What’s not to like? The Louvre, Tour Eiffel, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Sacred Coeur, Montmartre? And that was just Paris. The “fleurs” that Monet cultivated and painted in the quaint little town of Giverny…magnificent! Honfleur’s colorful quay with boats, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, harbor restaurants and shops…wonderful. The French country estate and Abbey where we stayed...extraordinary. Well priced and expertly planned, this is a trip not to be missed. And with Madame Kim at the helm, you can’t go wrong. Bon voyage!"

Glennie Bowland




Plein air painting in France was on my Bucket List and it was everything I hoped for and more.  I thought painting in the heart of an amazing artist’s paradise would be intimidating but people were interested in us and what we were painting. Kim brought us to places we all know and many off the beaten tracks.  It was a visual bouquet.  We painted, toured, and ate French cuisine and cheeses not available at home.  Our little group was very compatible and we have become good friends.  I would gladly take this extraordinary trip again.  Kim’s vivacity added to the pleasure!

Eleanor Nixon

"The painting trip with Kim, gave me a great opportunity to spend lots of time painting in various locations.  Kim was very encouraging, and set the atmosphere to do lots of paintings, both quick sketches and more thoughtful pieces.  We thoroughly enjoyed the friendship with other artists and traveling to various places in France.  Kim has great resources that allow travelling to well known and hidden areas of France, like a native and not a tourist, to have a well rounded trip.  We look forward to going on another trip with Kim soon. "

Sue and Wally 

"I think It was the fact we didn't feel rushed and I think Kim was just the best  driver/ guide. I felt totally enmeshed in the French culture and on the Island I felt like one of the locals. To be there on a Saturday market day was great.  The itinerary was wonderful, we only had only one  long day in the van.  I also loved the picnic lunches in the country side villages. You topped it off with the best place for our last night. What a absolutely great painting trip."




"I've been on many trips but this was the best because I could concentrate more on making pictures than merely sightseeing.  I like to do my own thing and this trip made that possible."



“The best trip ever.  Kim was so patient with all of us.  She paid attention to every detail of the trip and made it very versatile and special on every level.  It was one of my dreams come true and I loved every minute of it.  It was relaxing, exciting and just lots of fun.  Highly recommend travels with Kim!”




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