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Sept 10 - 19

Sept 10, Paris

Arrive in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. Taxi to hotel.

Sept 10, 11, 12, 13  Paris

Stay 3 nights in a nice hotel in a great neighborhood. Take a dinner boat tour on the Seine river.Visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montmartre, the charming streets of Isle Saint Louis, and witness a true french cabaret.

Sept 14,  Giverny

Visit this beautiful village where Monet lived. Have a beer in one of the outdoor cafes. Admire the flowers and peek in the many shops lining the road. Take a tour in Monet's lush garden and visit his home. 

Sept 15,16,  Honfleur/Rouen

Stay near Honfleur in an historic rustic country farmhouse. Visit one of the most famous fishing ports located on the western coast of Normandy. Tour the whimsical harbor town with its colorful buildings, boats, outdoor cafes, bright umbrellas and carrousel. Sample the tasty moules (mussels), crepes and cider. See Rouen and its Gothic churches, and the cobblestoned pedestrian center with medieval half-timbered houses. 

Sept 17, Etretat 

Spend the night on the cliffs of Etretat. Visit the beach and explore the charming village below. Dine in a restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Sept 18, Abbey, Vaux de Cernay

Lodge one heavenly night at a cistercian monastery turned resort (founded 1118) in northern France, just outside Paris. Drink in the historic landscape. Have a drink in the bar and one last delightful dinner in the abbey's beautiful restaurant. 


Sept 19, Paris

Wake up early. Drive to Charles De Gaulle Airport.

Itinerary subject to change to improve overall trip experience.



  • Walk at least a mile and walk up and down stairs without assistance.

  • Able to carry belongings up and down stairs and load into car.

  • Can play well with others


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